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    DJ School is great, the equipment is top and the people who come in and teach us are experts in music and DJ-ing. . I have a good understanding of MC-ing, music technology and performance which helps me to perform at the gigs like BPM and Kids Karnival...
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Arts in Action Arts Fair

The Urban Arts Centre to Host a day of arts and crafts days for for new artists employers and local families

People are encourage to get involved with interactive and to see how individuals can access arts in a variety of settings.

Artist employability training programme funded through esf give young unemplyed people with an artistic flair the opportunity to create a business out of what they like to do best.

The DJ School Have been working with 36 unemployed people who have an interst in arts or arts is their primary skill base for which they want to earn a living.
The DJ School has help 22 new business start this year and are looking into the future to help more young people.

The fair is for new artistis to show what they are really made of in the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

For more infor mation contact Sarah on 01782205675


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